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Eryn Feng is a robot created by a secret government facility in Canada. She was made in the image of an average female being, to disguise as a human to experience things humans experience such as friends, family, and emotions. Eryn was born to an Asian family, therefore inheriting the characteristics and traits of her "parents". In a special turn of events, it just so happen that Eryn Feng was born on a special day, to say the least. In the fourth grade, however, Eryn's curse began. After hearing about Eryn's birthdate, Benny Lee, a former friend of Eryn, started to intimidate this robot. Gaining more artificial intelligence from the secret government facility to fulfill her mission, Eryn became one of the smartest students. Ever since fourth grade, Eryn's curse commenced, as well as her sudden boost of intelligence, and it is prophecied that because the curse began in the fourth grade, the curse will be uplifted on a date that involves the number twenty. Now, Eryn Feng attends Princess Philippia, and has so-called "friends" such as Jordan, Elizabeth, Mikenzie, Cleo, Emily, and Amira, and much much more. Some of her friends, like Jordan, are fulfilling the Eryn curse, though some, like Amira, are trying to uplift the curse. Unfortunately, Benny Lee just so happened to attend Princess Philippia too, trying to attend the same school as Eryn, to gain more intelligence. The secret government facility assured Eryn that it is nearly impossible that this "Benny" could gain more intelligence. Or gain any intelligence, for that matter. Scientists have concluded that Benny, was born without a brain, or perhaps lost it in a series of unfortunate events, such as running into a brick wall. Eryn is still trying to fulfill her mission, though running into a few obstacles along the way.

Fengato and FenGDawg Edit

Eryn has many nicknames that Benny Lee and his friends, Ryan, Giraffrey, Jayson and Zaheeb, enjoy calling her. Jordan, too, enjoys calling Eryn these nicknames, and by doing so, fulfills Eryn's curse. However, Benny Lee, his friends and Jordan believe that these are not only nicknames, but people created in Eryn's image, only in another dimension.

Fengato: You've heard of gelato, legato, etc. Fengato, however, is what Benny believes to be Eryn's secret identity. Fengato is engaged to Johnny Tsunami, one of the inside jokes in Eryn's curse. Their ship name is Johngato, and they literally have a ship called the S.S. Johngato. Fengato and Johnny dudn't want to have children, so instead they got a dog, and named it FenGDog, after Fengato's stage name. Johnny and Fengato love reanacting the scene from the Titanic, and once they have the time, they will film a parody movie of the Titanic, and name it the S.S. Johngato. Johnny and Fengato finally married, and they love going on cruises on the S.S. Johngato with FenGDog. Now, Fengato has a last name, and Johnny and Fengato Tsunami are living the thug life. FenGDog, however, is living the pug life.

FenGDawg: FenGDawg is Fengato's stage name. Or Eryn's stage name, depending on how you look at things. She is the first Asian rapper, and people say she's looking fly, rather dapper. "FengDawg really loves to 'blaze', if you know what I mean," quoted Benny Lee. Eryn prefers the name Fengato rather than FenGDawg.

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